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My Embledow Stump – November 20, 1637

Patrolling hunter’s pass has become quite boring. There’s simply nothing that goes on here at all. Occasionally, I can see a water fox slip through the rocks and saunter off into the forest, or a silver-eye eagle swoop down for a rabbit. Still though, it’s quite boring.

Tessa has suggested to train me in the art of combat. As if I’m not getting enough training at the fort already! “Don’t waste any minutes!” she says… And she had me going into the forest to grab a tree stump as a practice dummy. I found one, and Tessa says its from an Embledow tree.

I asked her more about it and apparently, her home country – Cardel – used to be the sole provider of Embledow wood. The tree naturally grew in that country, only. During the war, its lightweight but sturdy structure meant a great deal to the war effort. Many of the younger trees were then transplanted to Eagleon. They grow quick, apparently, taking only a year to attain the height and strength that other trees need centuries to.

However, outside of their native soil in Cardel, the trees don’t last as long. After twenty or so years, they shrivel and die. Their stumps can be transplanted again, but the turnover is much faster than their ancestors in Cardel. It’s all quite interesting… but Tessa’s telling me to start training now…

My Train Ride – November 8, 1637

Today was another day of firsts. I took my first train ride through Eagleon’s forests to Fort Darlow! I must say: it is exciting! The train itself has voice stones that allow you to hear the conductor at the other end of the train!

One thing I realized about voice stones: The clarity of the sounds they transmit are directly related to what the speaker is feeling emotionally! Say for instance I was upset and couldn’t think clearly, then anything I say through a voice stone would get transmitted to its “sister stones” quite garbly.

Tessa says she’ll teach me how to find a couple of voice stones to experiment with in the near future. I only hope she keeps to her promise!

On a different note, I met the Lieutenant of the fort, today! Jenna Corta is her name. Quite a tall and loud woman, if I do say so myself! She had a bunch of pens stuck in her hair bun and it was quite weird. I’ll probably write more about her once I’ve worked a few shifts with her.

First Entry – November,1637

I doubt anyone will ever read these entries – really, why would they? Is it so easy to believe that a ghost inhabits me and converses with me on a daily basis? Apparently not! Oh well, at least in writing my experiences down, I feel less like a madman.

The thought has crossed my mind, though – of me being a madman, that is – but ultimately, my experiences have proven otherwise.

The incident at school where I burned the Raga’s corpse has just been one of many instances that prove to me the voice in my head is real. And what about the secret room I’ve discovered? If I were mental, I’m sure I wouldn’t have found that at all!

Still, it’s weird having someone else talk to you in your brain. It gets even more awkward when I’m conversing with someone else. Just the other day I was talking to Stella, and I was about to tell her something about myself when Tessa interrupted me and told me not to. This resulted in me stopping mid-sentence with my mouth wide-open! I was the laughing stock for Stella the rest of the day! And just as well that I’ve been trying to get to know her more!

School is fine. I’m enjoying electricity so much. I just can’t help but wonder how I’m supposed to juggle having Tessa in my head and dealing with schoolwork?